Upskilling the Middle

By March 16, 2018Uncategorized

The driving-force behind your B2B sales funnel is the new, savvy and hyper-informed buyer. Yep. They come to the table already loaded with questions and demands that challenge even the most skilled sales reps. According to Forrester Research, buyers are estimated to go through 70 to 90 percent of the buyer journey before engaging a sales rep, placing an enormous hurdle for reps to overcome and catch up – or to reset.

A key question is how to upskill the middle, the sales reps who are working the hardest to meet the demands of a highly educated buyer.

High performing reps — usually the top 10 to 20 percent of the sales force — have already adapted to this new reality. And the lowest preforming 10 to 20 percent probably won’t be able to adapt. But the middle 60 percent represent an enormous opportunity to improve sales goals for the organization.

CRM software has made significant improvements in operationalizing the process of sales management – databases to track prospects, email programs to pique awareness and interest and playbook tools are always at the ready – 24/7.

What’s missing is a system to operationalize the simple act of engagement between the buyers and sellers around real-world needs — the meaty conversations about how to solve difficult problems.

Role-Play Automation systems such as SharperAx enable sales teams to tap into a library of stories about how the company delivers value to existing customers. It simplifies the infrequent and inconsistent process of training new and moderately performing reps. Role-play automation provides sellers with a wealth of information to address the educated buyers. It teaches reps how to answer tough questions, ask high-gain questions and deliver real consultative value to buyers and help them get comfortable with decisions to buy.

Internal videos allow for quick and easy updating as the marketplace evolves – just turn on your webcam or your screencast and start talking. And delivering your selling stories in a highly-engaging way with a built-in practice and coach workflow strengthens retention, comprehension and increases message consistency.

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Mark Heisten is a seasoned marketing and business development executive with more than 20 years of experience at Fortune 100 firms and start-ups.