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The Tale of Two Lumberjacks

SharperAx, which helps you tell great stories, was itself named for a great story

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SharperAx Story of the Two Lumberjacks

About SharperAx:

SharperAx was founded in 2012 by Paul McGhee, a 3-time software VP of Sales and a founding partner of Sales Scale Partners.

During his sales leadership roles and leading more than 20 sales playbook engagements as a consultant, McGhee learned that the reps with the best “selling stories” win.

And that the best way for entire sales teams to nail and scale winning sales conversations is through role-playing. Unfortunately, most companies don’t consistently role-play for two reasons – it is inconvenient and sales reps don’t like it because it is stressful. SharperAx overcomes both challenges with its easy-to-use role play automation system.