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1. Building a Great Story Program: Message Discipline for Sales

Keith Goldberg, Chief Revenue Officer for Vendini built a great story program as the last mile solution for winning sales conversations.

The sales organization at Vendini has gained confidence in their selling efforts through an enterprise-wide story program that provides ongoing sales training. Keith used SharperAx as a tool to increase deal size by 50%. Sales reps can extend the impact of traditional sales training with stress-free role playing that works.

2. Sales Enablement: Scaling Great Sales Conversations

Marcus Latour, Sales Enablement Director at eFolder knows the limitations of ‘Big Bang’ sales training and how real behavior change comes from ongoing, incremental learning.

They have broken down the sales conversation into bite-sized pieces that their team learns one at a time. They have seen that when the team learns this way, they are very clear and concise—and more successful—because they know exactly what they are talking about.

3. Reps with the Best Stories Win: Sales Reps Love SharperAx

Jobvite, a software recruiting platform used by 2000 companies to hire better candidates, faster and at a lower cost, uses SharperAx to help them win more business.

Their reps are using stories to help prospects think differently about how they should approach their recruiting process. Jobvite’s enterprise group accelerated a rep’s transition by practicing and mastering selling stories other reps had used successfully. Their sales team uses SharperAx to keep up with its dynamic selling environment—including their competitors—by learning new stories every week.

Client Testimonials:

“SharperAx is a winner!”

“SharperAx helps sales organizations focus on improving the effectiveness of customer conversations. We did a piliot with SharperAx, focused on accelerating sales with a specific product. The results? Individual sales reps performance went up, team performance went up, and the first product we used SharperAx for became our best seller.

—Marcus L.
Director of Sales Enablement
Global Sales Onboarding at DocuSign

“Grew sales rep effectiveness 50% in 2 quarters”

“Our onboarding time has been reduced and our overall rep effectiveness has jumped from codifying our stories and ensure all our messaging is consistent.”

—Keith G.
Chief Revenue Officer
Global Sales Onboarding at Vendini

“Seamless Rollout, and Excellent Support.”

“The program offers a “Swiss Army Knife” approach of offerings and benefits. Every request I made around functionality was met with a “yes, the program can do that, let me show you how”. I have no doubt that this will be a very valuable tool regardless of industry or product.”

— Travis H.
Senior Territory Manager at St. Jude Medical

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