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Role-play Automation: Find, Practice, Coach and Manage

1. FIND: Jennifer Jepson, an UltraMobile Sales Rep, finds the ‘How good is the average sales conversation” selling story so she can practice it and get it conversation ready

2. PRACTICE: Jennifer watches the guide story to see what good looks like, then practices it 9 times and shares her best version with Paul, her sales manager

3. COACH: Paul coaches Jennifer’s story, gives her feedback, a four-star rating and approves the story so she knows she is done with the assignment

4. MANAGE: Keith, the SVP of Sales, checks which of his managers are coaching and spot checks sales rep stories – inculding Jennifer’s – to see if the sales team is on message

Integrate best practice story-telling into your everyday selling

PHASE ONE: SharperAx kick-offand implementation:

  • Goal planning and kickoff
  • Solution overview and setup
  • Identify right stories
  • Identify right storytellers
  • Discuss ‘chapter’ structure

PHASE TWO: Product training & strategy execution:

  • Structuring stories with storytellers
  • Capturing best practice stories (guides)
  • Configuring right ‘chapters’
  • Distributing ‘guides’ to sellers
  • Training sellers on practicing guide stories
  • Training sellers on creating new stories

PHASE THREE: Ongoing strategy and goal achievement:

  • Conclude initial deployment and training
  • Available to coach story sessions
  • Establish regular goal review and planning cycle with your account manager
  • Ongoing product updates, best practices, and access to continuing education resources

See How a Story Program Helps Your Team Sell Better

1. Harvest Your Greenfields

Make every conversation count

2. Get Reps On Message

The story workshop track

3. Spread What’s Working

Deliver great stories everywhere

4. Adapt Rapidly

Change today, unified message tomorrow

5. Faster Rep Ramp

Learn 3 years of stories in 3 weeks

6. Better Stories

Better product launches

7. The Deck and the Demo

A better way to learn the basics

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