10 Best Practices for a Great Storytelling Program

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Customers are won and lost on the quality of selling conversations … and many Sales VPs admit their teams’ conversation quality is subpar.

Experience and research show that using stories during key selling conversations effectively imparts knowledge, and moves others to think differently. Stories make an impact.

Tools now exist to make a focus on the selling conversation easy and scalable. In the last five years, underlying economics and technologies have matured to support the video-intensive requirements of a Role-Play Automation System:

  • Average internet bandwidth in the U.S. has tripled
  • Average storage costs are a mere 5% of 2009 prices
  • 90%+ of business users have access to webcams

Role-Play Automation Systems make a positive and sustained impact on sales training, and selling. SharperAx helps you tell better stories, and win more deals!

Summary of the 10 Best Practices to Scale Great Storytelling:

1.    Collect stories from all over
2.    Create memorable stories
3.    Build a story library
4.    Tell engaging stories
5.    Capture stories on video
6.    Host story workshops
7.    Practice in private
8.    Crowdsource stories
9.    Ramp up new reps with stories
10.   Scale with role-play automation


Paul McGhee founded SharperAx in 2013. SharperAx develops role-play automation software.

This article is the twelfth and final excerpt from “10 Best Practices for a Great Storytelling Program,” an eBook written by Paul McGhee, based on years of research and practice in delivering great story programs. 



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