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The best way to capture your company’s selling stories is to record them on video. Stories on video is far easier, faster and more effective than merely writing them down.

Here’s why: There’s lots of powerful information that’s never conveyed in a written selling story — such as facial expressions, verbal cadence, enthusiasm and emotion. Equally important: effective vocabulary, analogies and an expert’s confidence.

The fastest way for a salesperson to ramp-up on a new subject is to watch an expert’s stories on video, and then practice it until it’s been mastered.

These days, many video recording options are available and affordable. Modern laptops, tablets and smartphones have built-in webcams. (Aftermarket webcams start at $15). Even traditional point-and-shoot cameras have a “video” option.

Asking your expert to deliver her story to a laptop or phone camera is easy. If your expert is camera-shy, remind her the audience is strictly internal. She doesn’t have to look like a million bucks, and the video doesn’t need to be professionally produced.

Capturing whiteboard sessions can be also recorded via webcam. Collecting demo / pitch deck presentations can be accomplished using GoToMeeting or WebEx’s “record” feature — or with a dedicated screencaster like Screencast-o-Matic.

These videos can be stored in your CRM library or Dropbox, and linked directly from your story deck.

Paul McGhee founded SharperAx in 2013. SharperAx develops role-play automation software.
This article is the sixth excerpt from “10 Best Practices for a Great Storytelling Program,” an eBook written by Paul McGhee, based on years of research and practice in delivering great story programs. To download the entire eBook from click here.



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