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Ever notice how successful salespeople always have great stories that effortlessly navigate every question, every occasion, and every objection? This isn’t by accident.

Your reps can benefit from this approach. Gather great stories from others in your organization, and leverage them in high-value prospect and customer conversations.

Five tips to successfully capture great stories:

  1. Collect your stories for an internal audience. This limits approval cycles and helps stories get to the front line more quickly.
  2. In these meetings, keep your stories to around 1½ minutes, so they can be used in sales conversations.
  3. Boil each story down to 5 main bullet points. Make sure the story is told “in role” so the story is portable.
  4. Prep is essential. Ask anyone addressing your Sales or Service team to arrive with their key messages captured in these 5-bullet stories.
  5. Role-play these stories, and make sure the presenters go first. This makes it clear to your entire organization that their involvement is critical to the final mile of selling: story delivery.

SharperAx Jobvite Case Study  When Jobvite announced its  new product for interviewing job candidates, its product team recorded 3 key selling stories:  How the product eliminated 100 travel days a year for Jobvite’s beta customer How Jobvite used the product to hire a great product manager How it helped Jobvite’s services team hire a candidate it wouldn't have previously considered. Watching, practicing and retelling these stories helped Jobvite’s sales team ramp up rapidly, and win deals faster than ever.        Great story of unexpected hire
Paul McGhee founded SharperAx in 2013. SharperAx develops role-play automation software.
This article is the second excerpt from “10 Best Practices for a Great Storytelling Program,” an eBook written by Paul McGhee, based on years of research and practice in delivering great story programs. 



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