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A company’s longtime sales reps are also usually that company’s most successful reps. Why?
Sharper Ax Workbench. Pictured is the SharperAx story workbench. Here, a Sales or Service person reviews the selling story’s context, watches the “guide story,” practices & shares the best version, sees the feedback from the coach, and masters the story.

For starters, they likely helped discover the organization’s nuanced sales cycle, and helped create the company’s initial “tribal knowledge.” They know all of the company’s selling stories.

Secondly, they have the internal networks in place to learn the new stories as they happen.

This second point is one of the less-understood challenges facing sales teams — especially those keen to replicate their top sales reps’ success. See, it’s not just about capturing what successful reps already know. It’s also about capturing how they learn new stories going forward.

This eBook has documented nine different ways to help organizations transfer stories from across the organization to the front-line sales teams. You can “homebrew” a sales training platform by cobbling together technologies you already use: email, webcams, file sharing platforms, PowerPoint, your CRM, etc.

However, savvy companies are improving win rates by using consolidated Role-Play Automation Systems (like SharperAx) to do it right.

A good Role-Play Automation System that’s pre-integrated with your CRM application can help you seamlessly manage your story program — including capturing stories, assigning stories & curriculums. And it makes it easy for everyone to practice, coach & master your selling stories.

Paul McGhee founded SharperAx in 2013. SharperAx develops role-play automation software.

This article is the eleventh excerpt from “10 Best Practices for a Great Storytelling Program,” an eBook written by Paul McGhee, based on years of research and practice in delivering great story programs. 



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